Message on COVID-19

Message from Northpond Ventures on COVID-19 – Updated September 25, 2020

We are living through a period of global discontinuity that is having a profound impact on human health and the economy – two areas core to our mission at Northpond Ventures. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the incredible contributions of scientists, public health officials, nurses, doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs in preparing for and responding to this global crisis. We are grateful for all their efforts. 

Solving some of the most pressing health challenges through investments in science, medicine, and technology, coupled with ingenuity and entrepreneurship, has always been at the heart of Northpond. Those same characteristics will help tackle COVID-19.  

Several of Northpond’s portfolio companies, including ChromaCode, Codex, Emulate, Inflammatix, IsoPlexis, Scipher Medicine, Sherlock Biosciences, SpeeDx, and Teckro, are working on COVID-19 projects. These companies are focused on saving lives and improving public health with enhanced testing, which will help the health care system devote valuable hospital and ICU resources to those who need it most.

In addition to the immediate challenge of COVID-19, our partners are working to address infectious diseases more broadly. There are many heroes in this work. Our colleagues at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford – including Jim Collins, Joe Loscalzo, Pardis Sabeti, Tim Sweeney, and David Walt – are at the forefront of developing advanced solutions for viral outbreaks. We are honored to work alongside them to enhance the world’s ability to combat the next generation of emerging infectious diseases.

We are in a new world order where molecular diagnostics, scientific innovation, medicine, rapid ingenuity, and entrepreneurship are not only drivers of value but also solving the world’s greatest challenges. Our collective work and purpose – to partner with and support leading entrepreneurs and researchers to catalyze breakthroughs – is more important than ever. Together, we will help change the trajectory of progress and improve our global society.

The Northpond Ventures Team